Anxious Objects, 2015
Moana Project Space, Australia
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Anxious Objects reflects a shift in the artists work since moving to London in 2012. The work includes two experimental films and an array of objects and photographs that map the anxieties and tensions of embodied moments between experiencing and translating memories from the world. The work attempts to articulate a knotted mass of memory that is somehow traceable as a residue in the body – the artwork then becomes a partial, physical articulation of this perceived space.

This line of inquiry follows a train of thought that examines the ‘barely there’ nature of sculpture. Using the intersection of film and objects, the work struggles with the idea of creating something in the moment it begins to disappear. This idea links with McMillan's ongoing concerns with forgotten histories and the disappearance of knowledge.

Daniel C Blight, London based curator and writer, and founder of Chandelier Projects ( wrote an essay for the work which can be found here

Images below courtesy of Dan McCabe, Moana and the artist