Acme Project space, London

In the first half of 2014, McMillan undertook the Australia Council Studio in London as a guest of the renowned ACME studios. In July 2014 the solo exhibition entitled 'The Potter's Field' was presented at ACME Project Space in East London showcasing research, experiments and new work from her residency. This work included a two-channel film called 'Don't you remember the darkroom?'. This is a largely silent work that focused on the hands of percussion and object players as they engage with their instruments taken from the sound recording for another work at the Rivoli Ballroom with the London Improvisors Orchestra. Parallel to this is the artist's own hands as she plays and experiments in the studio. The Private View included vignettes by four musicians in collaboration with the artist and Alison Blunt, conducted by Alison Blunt. The performance was recorded for the production of future works. In the gallery was a number of small sculptures and photographs that interrogate the idea that objects act as memory triggers, residue of things past and can evoke the relationship between landscape and memory.

The Potter’s Field, 2014
Steel stand, plastic bag, digital print on paper, acrylic paint

Plato’s Cave, 2014
Steel stand, found clay, digital print on paper, acrylic paint

In the end everything is ruined, but beautiful (I, II, III, IV, V), 2014
Coathanger, clay, shelf, acrylic paint

Don’t you remember the dark room? 2014
Two channel HD video
6.30/23.27 minutes
Camera: Kate McMillan & Deborah May
Editing: Kate McMillan & Deborah May
Performers: Kate McMillan, Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman, Lukax Santana, Sylvia Hallett, Alan Tomlinson & Orphy Robinson
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